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Paartha Gnyabagam Illayo ( 1988 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " ""Laborers standing in the queue to get their daily wages. One hand resisting the employer's hand and asking fair wage. Employer refused to give more and hooligans encounter him. He smashed everyone there and took his fair wages and throw the money to poor. Meantime one lady introducing him, Ratnam(Anand Babu) protagonist of this plot,doing daily wage work and helping the poor. Couple of meetings help him to get into relation with heroine Kasturi(Ramya Krishnan). Kasturi's big brother, Radha Ravi is rough guy, He mess up with hero, in the fight hero lost Kasturi. Anand Babu meet his countrymen at city,with his help he came to know Kasturi has sister. Climax is obviously reunion scene. "" "

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