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Palum Pazhamum ( 1961 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Paalum Pazhamum - Classic Tamil Movie - Sivaji Ganesan & Saroja Devi. There is an old saying ""There is a woman behind every man's success"" this is proved true in the life of Dr. Ravi (Sivaji Ganesan). Dr. Ravi, whose only aim in life is to discover a medicine for cancer. He gets a lot of encouragement and support from his colleagues and his wife Shanti (B. Saroja Devi) who herself is a nurse by profession. Dr. Ravi finds success in the first phase of his research; however before he could begin the second phase Shanti is detected of Tuberculosis. Dr. Ravi is shattered and both his research and personal life comes to a stand still. The remaining part of the film portrays the roller costar ride in Dr. Ravi and Shanti's life and how they come to terms with all the tragedies in their life. "

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