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Paravasam ( 2001 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " here are very few directors who have managed to strike congruence between cinema for the masses and the classes. If K Vishwanath is a doyen for Telugu cinema, K Balachandar holds the forte in Tamil cinema. Remember some of his Telugu movies like Anthuleni Katha and Amma Katha? Well he is back to the big screen after successful television serials, in the Temal - Telugu bilingual Paravasam.The tale revolves around four key characters - Dr. Madhava (Mahdavan), Simi Sheela (Sneha) and Andam (Lawrance). Madhava is a doctor who becomes an overnight star thanks to acting in one film. His tryst with tinsel town makes him a household name and heartthrob of young girls.Madhava webs Simi. They lead a happy married life almost a year until Rekha, a college friend of Madhava visits them. Rekha reveals that she and Madhava had a child out of wedlock. At first, Simi dismisses Rekha as someone trying to create havoc in her celebrity\'s husband\'s life. Hell breaks lose after Maddy accepts the fact. Simi opts for a divorce. Meanwhile, Simi loses her father, her only support, in an accident. She is left with loads of debt to clear. Madhava helps her out of the crisis and protects her from miscreants. They grow to love each other after divorce but are hesitant to reveal themselves. In a turn of events, Simi thinks that Madhava loves Sheela. With no hopes of living with Madhava, she decides to wed the fusion dancer Andam, whom she had known before.Madhava who still loves Simi is shocked by her decision but goes all out to make her happy and arranges for her second marriage. Meanwhile, Simi wants Madhava to wed Sheela. Both the weddings are scheduled at the same venue. Do Maddy and Simi come together in all this confusion?It\'s the director\'s 100th film and marks his return to silver screen after a hiatus of five years. As always, he excels in the deft use of symbolism to convey messages. The meeting between Madhavan and Simran at the isolated railway station first before marriage and again before divorce is a classical example. Lyricist Vaali chips in with a short role trying to cement the straining relationships.Madhavan essays his part with effortless brilliance. He excels as the heartthrob in the first half and as a pining husband in the latter half. It\'s been quite sometime since we have seen Simran as her usual self. This is one more feather to her cap after Vaali, Kalisundam Raa and Nuvvu Vastavani. Choreographer Lawrance comes up with a good performance with his fusion dance. But, the song in climax just gets on to your nerves.AR Rehman\'s music score has some catchy songs. The melodious Chelia Kusalama by SPB and Sadhana sargam is the best of the lot. The sluggish editing is a sore point of an otherwise technically good film. The climax is too lengthy and tests your patience. "

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