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Parner Swami ( 2006 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: Amidst the picturesque setting of this Village in a corner of Bengal lives this beautiful belle Moyna whose beauty is sort of a legend in and around her locality. Everyone loves her for her benevolent and benign nature. They admire her and look up to her. She is every bachelor mans dream and ultimate fantasy. She is the manifestation of utmost virtuosity who can never think of doing anything vile even in the worst of her nightmares. By a stroke of love she falls prey to the love of a man who eventually turns out to be a brute. A second man who has the hates for Moyna and at the same time is seeking revenge on her because she refused his advances frames her. The husband thinks she has had an illicit affair with this man in his absence and in disbelief of her pious character he tortures her unto death.

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