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Path O Prasad ( 1984 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Path O Prasad was released In the year 1991 starring Satya Banerjee, Ayan Bandopadhyay, Soumitra Chatterjee, Utpal Dutta, Ruma Guhathakurta, Sandhya Roy & others. The Bengali film is directed by Tarun Majumdar, V.Balsara Scored the music in the film. The story is as Dipannita is a poor widow who lives with her son Niladri and sews all day and night to earn bread for themselves. Nilu is an intelligent young boy and has learnt quite a few lessons and poetries from his mother. One day a solicitor comes to meet Dipannita and explains to her that Niladri's grandfather has expressed interest to adopt Niladri and take charge of him although he does not want Dipannita stay along with them. This was because he was against his son's marriage to Dipannita. The mother agrees and young Nilu travels to meet his grandfather. Aditya Sekhar was rich, famous and a disciplined man. He enrolls Nilu for studies as well as takes care of his extracurricular activities. Nilu brings a world full of joy in his life. In the meantime, Dipannita helps the poor and sick of the neighbourhood and starts taking care of them. The mother and the son duo cause miracle in the place. Aditya Sekhar realizes that he was mistaken about Dipannita and not only accepts her into the family but vests her with all that she deserved. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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