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Payback ( 2010 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Every person is born with a debt and he dies with a debt too. In between birth and death, a good man strives to repay every debt and every favor bestowed upon him by others. Kunal Sahay also did the same, but he didn't know that his efforts of repaying a debt would stir up a storm in his life. Kunal, is a simple, peace loving man, who loves Ishita, an independent girl in her mid 20's and who works as freelance interior designer. One night, Kunal meets with a fatal accident. While he lies in a pool of blood, no passerby cares to stop and attend to him. Kunal, still conscious, is losing hope, when Raghu stops to help him. Raghu admits Kunal into a hospital and disappears in thin air. Doctor tells Kunal that if Raghu hadn't admitted Kunal on time, anything could've happened. For Kunal, Raghu is an angel. Three months pass, as Kunal recuperates from the injuries. Suddenly one day, outside of Kunal's building; Kunal meets Raghu and offers tea for him. The next night, when Raghu appears at Kunal's doorstep with a bullet shot in his shoulder, Kunal impulsively decides to help him out. But as night progresses, Kunal comes to know that Raghu might have been a savior for him but is actually an assassin. Now he faces a moral dilemma. But when things get dangerous and Ishita is also dragged into it, Kunal is forced to make a decision - how far he will go to repay Raghu's debt? If he can save life of only one person, which one will he choose - Raghu or Ishita? Pay Back is a pacy action thriller unfolding in one night with multiple layers of troubled love, loyalty, betrayal, indebtedness and above all... making choices. "

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