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Pehli Sher Doosri Savaasher Navra Paavsher ( 2008 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Pandu is simple villager living in a small quite village along with his wife, Kamala. Due to some medical reason, Kamala is unable to bear a child. In a society, where superstition rules, Pandu and his wife are isolated from all customs and rituals as they are considered inauspicious. Matters grow worse to the extent that they are asked to leave the village if they do not beget a child within ten months. A frustrated Pandu blames his wife and asks her to bear him a child as soon as possible. As this seems an impossible task, he decides to marry another woman. The villagers abandon Pandu because they feel that a childless person is inauspicious for the village. They order him to either leave the village or plan for a child within next ten months. Pandu scolds his wife Kamala for the same and asks her to rock the cradle of their house within ten months duration. He marries Kamala's younger sister Malkin, much to Kamala's chagrin. This marriage causes problems in their marital life. Kamala and Malkin, both of them keep fighting for their rights and Pandu is sandwiched in this battle. Will he be able to tackle the daily clashes in his house? Did Pandu take a wise decision by marrying another woman? "

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