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Phoolon Ki Sej ( 1964 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Karuna is a girl in college and Nirmal a travelling Engineer. They meet in Ooty and are instantly attracted to each other and become intimate. Nirmal leaves for home but promises to return for her. Taruna, meanwhile, is left in a predicament as she is pregnant. She leaves for Hyderabad in search of Nirmal but is unable to fund him. Desperate, Karuna attempts to abort the baby but the doctor convinces her not to. Karuna has the baby and after several years, Nirmal and Karuna meet again and get married. Nirmal is unaware that Karuna has had their child and raised him and Karuna finds out that the doctor she visited to get an abortion is Nirmal's brother. Meanwhile, when Nirmal is away, Karuna secretly meets their son. Then, destiny brings him closer to her when her brother-in-law, the doctor, and his wife adopt him as their own. Living in the same house with her own child and unable to claim him as her own son proves to be torture for Karuna. How long can she bear the suffering? How long can she hide the truth from her brother-in-law and from her husband? "

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