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Pogaru Bothu ( 1986 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " It is a triangle love story and a comedy flick.Krishan ( R.B ramesh) is a college student who runs a lady emporium.Ashok is a gangster he loves his knees anjali (namita) and he is very possessive about her. He is very good at suggesting things and people buy what ever he suggest""s them.. His mother keeps telling him about his marriage but he did not like any girl..but one day he see""s a girl (gajala) and he falls in love with her.He writes a love letter for her and gives it to a young boy to deliver it... but the heroines dad gets the letter and ask""s the young boy to the give the letter to ashok""s knees and she starts loving krishna. One day ashok gets to know that krishna gave a love letter to namita and he tried to kill him but later he comes to know that the love letter was misplaced and came to her because of gajala""s dad.but namita actually started liking krishna and gajala also started liking krishna. Then ashok and krishna have a big fight . "

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