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Police Muttadi ( 1999 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Vijay kanth(jagannadh) is a police officer. While going for rounds near circuit house he finds his wife after 25 years, sujatha(saradha) killing 13 people in electric circuit house. Saradha accepts that she only killed 13 people for a certain reasons and she was sentenced to death. Flashback of the story begins, Jagannadh marries Saradha and he stays in her house with their son Vijay. His father-in-law always scolds him and makes him feel bad that he has no money and no job,Jaganadh could not tolerate that and he leaves the family in search of a job and becomes a police officer. After a few days Sarada's father dies and she gives birth to a baby girl named rohini(geetha).Vijay ,Geetha and Saradha live together. Vijay is very angry about his father leaving them when he was a kid .Vijay when grows up and solves his mother's case by getting to know about what happened that night,the day his mother killed almost a dozen people. Movie is quite interesting must watch. "

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