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Poochho Mere Dil Se ( 2004 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super Hit movie Poochho Mere Dil Se (2004) Synopsis : Gayetri has been married to Rajendra Thakur for many years, and has given birth to a son named Rcoky. One day Rajendras friend, Chamanlal Chaurasia, informs him of his fathers ailing health and possible demise, so Rajendra leaves Gayetri and goes to visit his father. Rajendra never returns. When Gayetri finds his whereabouts, he refuses to recognize her, nor admit that he is Rockys father. Gayetri brings Rocky on her own, and when he grows up he becomes a police inspector. He gets assigned to track down and arrest a notorious gangster who goes by the name of Raja Tahkur. His investigations lead to concldue that Rajendra and Raja are one and the same person, and it is then that he learns that Raja is his biological father. Before he could arrest him, Raja abducts Gayetri, sister Priyanka, his really own wife, Parvati. And Rockys sweetheart, Diya. After deailng with Rocky, he plans a unique death for the four abducted girl. Will Rcoky be able to stop him, or will sentimnet slow him down? "

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