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Poovarasan ( 1996 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Ugrapandi (Vijay Kumar), a rich landlord, is blessed with a son. But believing the predictions of an astrologer, he abandons the child. However, as destiny would have it, his son Poovarasan (Karthick) starts working in Ugrapandi's house as a servant 25 years later. Poovarasan wins the confidence of his employer and the love of the fellow villagers. Everything is hunky dory until Poovarasan gets Ugrapandi's daughter Sundari married to her lover Sinnarasu without the approval of either of their parents. As a punishment to this, the village panchayat decides that Poovarasan will be buried alive. At the same time, Poovarasan's parents learn of his true identity. Meanwhile, Senadipathy (Radha Ravi) implements a plan to destroy Ugrapandi's entire family. Will Poovarasan be able to pull out of this dire situation or will he bring disgrace to his father as per the astrologer's predictions? "

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