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Pralaya Rudrudu ( 2011 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Upendra is a very powerful mob boss whose rivals fear him a lot. When a rival mob boss tries to assassinate him, their plan backfires and Upendra murders the mob boss. In an attempt to escape the police until he gets a bail, he goes to a small town where he stays at the town priest's house. The priest's granddaughter, Jennifer , meets Upendra for the first time when he rescues her from the clutches of a greedy landlord who tries to rape her. She falls head over heels for Upendra and she even goes back to the city with him to her family's house. Even Upendra develops feelings for Jennifer and even considers giving up the life of crime for her. When one of Upendra's rivals storm Jennifer's house and forcibly evict her family, she turns to Upendra for help. How Upendra beats his rivals and how he saves Jennifer's family forms the crux of the story. "

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