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Prem ( 2008 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " NISHA, is the pampered child of her father for her ragging in college is everything rather than studies. Prince, is always in bad friends company supporting Nisha for ragging in college. The entire college was distressed and disturbed with their ragging in college. At the same time PREM who is very studios and scholar enters the college and meets Usha who is equally scholar as Prem as a friend. It will seem amazing if Nisha and Prince will not target Prem and Usha. They both give them lots of problem but still Prem and Usha ignores them and simply concentrates on their studies. Resulting Prem gets scholarship and he arranges party for his friends. Nisha and Prem reaches there and spoils his treat by ragging him again. Which Prem could not tolerate and slaps Nisha in gathering. As Nisha feels insulted and she takes an oath of revenge by punishing Prem by disqualifying him from the college. Whereas, now Nisha falsely attracts Prem in her love and one day successfully completes her revenge of disqualifying Prem out of college for an year. Prem couldn't believe it and gets shocked. Prem returns back to college after a year with lots of changes in him taking the oath to end ragging from college. Will Prem be able to complete his oath? Will Nisha realize her mistake? Will she understand what is true love? We will get all the above answers from 'GURUSHRI'S MOVIE' called 'PREM' "

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