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Prema Sandadi ( 2001 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Krishna (Srikanth), son of Subb Rayudu after completing his MBA in the U.S. is returning home in a train. Incidentally Sita (Anjala Zhaveri), Venkatrayudu's daughter, who too completes MBA, but at Visakhapatnam, also travels on the same train. But both of them are hardly award of each other's presence. They remain strangers till almost the last reel of the film. But the families and friends on either side think they are in love, because of the wrong information fed by Samara Simha Reddy (Brahmanandam). He is a modern day Narada. The warring fathers on either side take their children to task, even as they deny the charge. A miffed Krishna actually decides to go for her. Sita also thinks alike. The result: the two meet and fall in love. "

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