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Preminchukunnam Pelliki Randi ( 2004 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Kanthamma (Telangana Sakuntala) is the grandmother of Swapna (Rekha) and Sundari (Revathy). Swapna and Sundari study in Hyderabad - away from their hometown Amalapuram - by staying in hostels. Swapna and Sundari fall in love with Aditya (Aditya Om) and Vijay (Vijaya Sai) respectively. Kantamma comes to know about it and grounds them in her house at Amalapuram. Aditya and Vijay reach Amalapuram in search of their girls. When they reach Amalapuram, these girls leave to Vizag to attend a marriage. As the situation had it, Aditya joins the rented part of house of Kanthamma as the husband who is waiting for his wife to join him. He tells her that his wife Kaveri has gone to her parents' house in Vizag. Due to certain circumstances, Aditya is forced to join Kantamma to attend the marriage at Vizag. That's where he sees Swapna. He gets excited and hugs her in front of Kanthamma (he is not aware that Swapna is the granddaughter of Kanthamma). When Kanthamma gets angry, he covers it up by lying that his wife Kaveri is a look-alike of Swapna. Kanthamma asks Aditya to get Kaveri and introducer her. How would Aditya manage the situation? Why do Kanthamma hate love marriages? How Swapna manages to act like Kaveri as well? To know the answers to these questions, you must watch this film. "

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