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Pudhiya Bhoomi ( 1968 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Kathiravan (M.G. Ramachandran) is a highly talented and extraordinary cardiologist and heart surgeon while his father is an honest police officer. One saves human life and the other protects the law. Kangayan (M.N. Nambiar) is a dreaded criminal whose life Kathiravan saves. However, when Kangayan comes to know that he is the son of the police officer who is out to get him, he tries to kill Kathiravan, but without success. Meanwhile, Kangayan's deputy pulls off the brake wires of Kathiravan's car before he can escape. Kathiravan meets with an accident and lands up in a village where he meets Kannamma. Love blossoms between them. On the other hand, the threat of Kangayan constantly looms over the village and Kathiravan's life. How Kathiravan tackles Kangayan and how the two lovers are ultimately united is what the rest of the film all about. "

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