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Putra Vadhu ( 1982 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Putravadhu This is an interesting and entertaining social movie. Kamla and Mangal loves each other. But the bad guy Bhima was after Kamla. One day Kamala becomes pregnant and Mangal was out of the village. Parents of Kamala force her to get marry with Bhima. Kamla runs from the clutches of Bhima. When Mangal returns to the village, Bhima lies that Kamala had committed suicide...As time passes Asha the daughter of Kamla grownups. Asha is in love with Prakash. Bhima comes to know that Kamla is still alive and Asha is her daughter. Bhima a vindictive person takes his revenge and Asha gets drowned in the river. Prakash under the pressure of his parents marry to Maya. But destiny plays new twists and turns. Asha was still alive and she became good friend of Maya. One day Prakash comes to know that Asha is still alive. To know what happens next watch this entertaining movie. "

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