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Pyar Ke Liye Fight ( 2002 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Pyar Ke Liye Fight is the Hindi dubbed version of Kannada movie Love You starring Shivamani, Chandini and Nirmal Pandey. Shivamani shows his violent streaks whenever he comes across harassment of innocent people and exploitation of women. He is in love with his college friend Shruthi who likes Shivamani's daring acts in helping poor and defenceless people. Shivamani takes on rowdy elements in his college which angers the city's don Naga. Then Shivamani comes to know that he is an orphan and brought up by a good Samaritan. He comes across a couple who is in search of their long lost son. Shivamni finds his parents and later he also vanquishes the villains. "

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