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raja gopichand ( 1979 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " After deep intense worship and efforts of King Trilokchand and Queen Menavati, the desire of having a son is fulfilled. But, Alas! Exuberance of happiness brings death to the King. When, on the funeral day, the Queen Menavati is about to burn herself alive along with the dead body of the King, there comes Guru Jalandharnath and prevents her from doing so. Queen gets extremely delighted when Jalandharnath predicts that Gopichand, her son, is born to be a great celebrity, but soon feels deceived and frightened when the Guru clarifies that 'Great' does not mean Great King but it means Great Yogi- an ascetic. The words of Jalandharnath that 'Fortune or destiny cannot be changed by anyone' are not acceptable to the Queen. So she declares publicly that she will change the destiny of her son. Gopichand is brought up in an atmosphere of unscrupulous enjoyments. He is surrounded by 400 wives and 1600 beautiful damsels serving him continuously. In spite of this, a storm -- a tumult causing detachment and disinterest is waiting to topple down this amorous and sensual life. Jalandharnath is thrown in deep well when he is in deep meditation, but man proposes and God disposes! Meditation of Jalandharnath continues even when death was hovering over his head. To get protected from his righteous indignation, three statues of different metals are being placed before him... but what is the result? The Queen dowager tries various tricks with Gopichand including dragging him into sensuality and playing on maternal instincts. Sulakshana, his wife, a chaste and beautiful damsel tries to attract him and create obstacles on his way to salvation. Most enchanting dancer, as if incarnate of wife of Cupid, tries to delude Gopichand using all her weapons of charming and voluptuous gestures, but defeating all these, the Ultimate energy directs Gopichand on the divine path. He drags the dead body of his mother with complete detachment. He even throws young child from height! Following the instructions of his Guru he begs at the doors of royal palace calling his own wife 'Mother'! that moment stillness in the atmosphere gets disturbed by the echoes of songs emanating from the pangs of separation competing with devotional songs...! "

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