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Raja Harishchandra ( 1979 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Pran Jaaye Par Vachan Na Jaaye. The pledge and the vow of Harishchandra shall never never break. And there was a commotion in the heavens. The grim prophecy of Vishwamitra rent the skies, I will wreck and ruin the future of Harishchandra, he had declared and added, I will erase his very name from the Book of Life.The prophecy did come true. Raja Harishchandra became a pauper. He gave away his kingdom in alms, but had nothing to offer as Dakshina. Loyal Tara pleaded before her consort, Sell me in Kashi and clear this debt.One by one, the wife, the son and the Raja, all were sold. Harishchandra was bought by an executioner. "

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