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Raja Makutam ( 1959 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Pratap(N.T.Ramarao) is the son of the great King.The King also has a brother who has attacked the King and killed him.Pratap comes to know about it and he started his travel from Gurukul to his home.On the way he is attacked by some unknown hunters who are trying to kill Pratap.But fortunately, he saves himself and Premila (Raja Sulochana) helps him in it.She takes care of him and takes him safely to his kingdom.In his kingdom, the King's brother spreads the disbelief that some people from their kingdom have killed the King and Pratap orders them to death.In this people Premila's brother was also included.With her brother's death Premila has decided to kill Pratap.Unexpectedly she comes across Pratap but unknowlingly she tells her story to him assuming he is also victim of Pratap.What will Pratap do when he comes to know that Premila, who once saved his life, is trying to kill him for the revenge of her brother's death.What action will Pratap take when he comes to know that his uncle has only killed his father for the kingdom and property.Watch out in the movie Raja Makutam. "

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