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Raja Simha ( 1969 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Raja Simha(Kantha Rao) is the son of a very rich and powerful King.After the birth of Raja Simha the king comes to know that their is a curse that within eleven days, both mother and child will die.So the king performs great pooja's and gets a remedy against it.But the Queen ties it to the child's hand and becomes victim of the curse and becomes a statue.The King sends Raja Simha with the preist to Gurukul to learn all the activities.But the King is afarid of the fact that what will happen when Raja Simha comes to know about his mother.While studying in Gurukul, Raja Simha comes across Madhavi (Vanisri) and falls in love with her.But will Raja Simha be able to save himself from the curse.What will happen if he comes to know about the curse experienced by his mother.Watch out in the movie Raja Simha. "

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