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Raja Vikramarka ( 2011 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Raja Vikramarka (Chiranjeevi), the prince and heir to the throne of the fictitious kingdom of Skanda Dweepam, is discontented with being pampered all his life. His father (Satyanarayana) presents him with a bride-to-be, a princess from another kingdom, whom he's never met and is trained to obey his every command. He leaves the kingdom with his trusted friend, Jockie (Bramhanandam), to live life on his own terms. In the city, he finds work as a mechanic. One day he saves a girl (Amala) from some goons trying to kill her. Her uncle (Rao Gopal Rao) hires Raja as her bodyguard but he soon reveals that it was Rao himself who's been trying to kill Amala for her money. Raja agrees to handle the murder attempts, while at the same time keeps saving her. Raja eventually thwarts Amala's uncle's plot to kill her and saves the day. "

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