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Rajavin Parvaiyeli ( 1991 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " To Watch More Tamil Movies To Subscribe Click The Below Link�ies Rajavin Parvaiyeli Tamil Movie :- Gowri(Indaraja) comes to village of her uncle Thulasi(Janagaraj).In the first sight she mess up with hero Raja(Vijay).She sent goons to smash Raja.But things went other way around he trashed everyone and goes to Gowri's place. Raja proved that he's not uneducated or uncultural fellow to tease her.Thulasi and Gowri started respecting him. Gowri slipped out and fall in love with Raja.But Raja doesn't like her so he begins to avoid her. One day out of emotion Gowri spoken out love for him but Raja doesn't take up instead he started abusing her. In the city he meets Shanthi(Shatyapriya) with her child. Both were seeing each other not speaking even one word their faces went pale. Raja comes back to home and takes out his secret diary then the flashback started. Raja and Chantru(Ajith) were good friends at city where they both were boarded for graduation. Chantru fall in love with shanthi. Couples of meetings help them to get into relation. But her father Sharuhassan doesn't like her love so he made her to marry a guy from same community.After the flashback Raja accepted her love. Gowri's father Rajasekar doesn't like her love.He arranging marriage for her with a big shot at city. At the climax,Things get tightened hero's neck,goons burned his house,his mother also bleeding and Gowri is in middle of fire. What happen next? Gowri gets life and marry Raja? remain story 'll cover up this question. Just watch it i say. "

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