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Rakhtbeej ( 2012 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Rakhtbeej (2012) is the story of two men,from two different generations.Even though their worlds are different their lives keep intersecting.Abhay Jatav from humble beginnings,ends up becoming the most dreaded dacoit in UP.Ajay also from humble beginings,becomes the CEO of Dabral Group of Industries,at a very young age.Abhay knows Sarita from a long time,and Sarita is in love with Abhay.But when a simple village girl Poonam enters Ahbay's life he totally forgets about Sarita.Sanjana,Dabral's daughter is in love with Ajay from a long time.But when supermodel Priya enters his life,he is blinded by her love.Abhay goes out of his way to help Maya Singh win the village elections.But Maya Singh later backstabs Abhay.Ajay trusts Dharam,his competitor in business and love,but Dharam backstabs him.Abhay becomes a victim of Politics,Police and Dacoits,while Ajay is the victim of business rivalry.Even though these men are from different generations,their lives resemble each others."

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