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Ram Avtaar ( 1988 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Ram-Avtar is a 1988 movie starting Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Shakti Kapoor. It was directed by Sunil Hingorani, written by Khalid, and produced by Sunil Hingorani. Ram and Avtar were childhood friends. Ram would willingly make priceless sacrifice for his friend; they both got separated when Ram goes abroad to further studies. In the mean while Avtar took up employment in an organization run by Sangeeta. Avtar was romantically attracted to Sangeeta but Sangeeta falls in love with Ram; when Ram got that Avtar is in love with Sangeeta he decides to sacrifice his love for his friend. But one of Sangeeta's enemies Gundappaswami exposed Ram and Sangeeta's relationship to Avtar. Avtar started suspecting Sangeeta but Ram made him understand that they are not in relationsheep now. At the end Ram died."

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