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Rangbaaz Daroga ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Arjun pandey was city's most strict, honest and dabang inspector. listening to his name big time criminals would start shivering .one day arjun arrested ranjit yadavs men who was a leader, he thus gets pissed and transfers the inspector to a very dirty village named sharafat gang arjun along with wife aanchal reaches sharafat ganj ,sharafat ganj is that place where there is nothing like honesty(sharafat).wherein each and every person claimed gundagardi as their ""birthright"". In that situation arjun finds a friend in a person named jaffar, who is the only honest person in sharafat ganj. On the other hand in the whole sharafat ganj there is a terror with a name of dhanraj Singh and his father kamraj singh. When inspector arjun singh starts interfering in dhanraj's black business he goes crazy with anger.he thus keeps finding an opportunity to teach arjun a lesson . Sharafat ganj's spoilt boy crashes with arjun one day .before arjun could arrest vijay and put him behind bars .vijay's sister seema comes and tells arjun that"" in childhood he lost his parents and fell into bad company , but is good at heart "". Arjun understands the situation and decides to get vijay on the right track. Vijay loves a girl named guddi, but guddi's father says that until and unless vijay dos not improve they cannot get married. Arjun explains vijay and sends him to the city for education. On the other hand arjun destroys dhanraj's black business. Dhanraj gets angry and through a plan removes him from his job. Arjun takes his pregnant wife to the hospital and on his way dhanraj's men catch hold of him and kill his wife. Now Arjun turns into a bad man and Vijay returns back being an inspector. So what's the end of the story....? "

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