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Ravishastri ( 2006 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Ravi Shastri hailing from lower caste is a BA graduate. He is looking for a job. He is not interested in uttering lie. He is forced to utter a lie because he would get Rs.100 for just saying Swaha in front of the Homakunda. He is in the avatar of a priest with borrowed sacred thread and three tiers 'Vibhuti' is striking on his head. In the house where he comes to say 'Swaha' he is caught. But his brahminism is not doubted. He escapes. But the beauty in the head of senior Shastri of Agrahara is in love with Ravi Shastri. She is Bhanu Sneha the bubbling and lively character simply falls in love with Ravishastri without knowing his past.The senior Shastri arrange for marriage. After the marriage in the marriage hall the disclosure of Ravi Shastri creates havoc. Senior Shastri asks Ravi Shastri not to touch his daughter ��� just married wife of Ravi Shastri. Ravi Shastri abides to this promise but others are not interested in this harsh oath. Bhanu crosses limits and her father pours water on Bhanu and says she is dead for him. Bhanu on a tent before the house of Ravishastri tries to seduce Ravishastri. She fails and gulps poison. On the other hand senior Shastri upset with the developments tries to end his life keeping the religion in highest esteem. Senior Shastri and Bhanu are saved by Ravi Shastri who has inclination to highest human values.

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