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Red Cherry ( 1995 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Red Cherry was made in China in 1995 under the title Hong ying tao starring Ke-Yu Guo, Vladmill Nizmiroff, Xu Xiaoling. The movie was based on the true story of Chuchu, a 13-year-old Chinese girl, and Luo Xiaoman, a 12-year-old Chinese boy, who were sent to Moscow, Russia in the 1940s and enrolled into an international boarding school. There they had so many great and difficult experiences as they tried to survive during World War II. The children's real encounter with fate began as kanikuli (summer break) arrived, Chuchu accompanied her class to a children's camp in Byelorussia, while Xiaoman remained in Moscow. Then, Russia was invaded by Germany's Operation Barbarossa. Red Cherry is basically an account of the two orphans' parallel experiences of the war. "

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