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Resham Ki Dori ( 1974 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super hit movie Resham Ki Dori (1974)Ajit, a mill worker dreams of getting his sister married to a respectable young man, but his dreams were shattered when Ajits own Boss, taking advantage of his position, attempted to rape the young girl. Ajit reached just at the critical moment and the Boss was killed. Ajit was serving his imprisonment when he learnt that his innocent sister had been thrown out of her house. He lost his mind and escaped from the jail. One day, while he was being hotly chased by Police, he boarded a running train. He heard shrieks of a young girl, Anupama being molested. He drove away the thief but to his surprise, this young aristocrat offered him a 100/- rupee note for saving her life. This was how her grand father, a wealthy mill-owner had trained her to deal with the poor people. Ajit felt offended. . While he was still on the run, he came across a Mela-crowd. Suddenly a huge fire broke-out in the Mela Pandal where an old man the village was trapped. Unmindful of his own safety. Ajit jumped into the fire and saved the poor old man. After this incident, he wanted to go away in search of his sister, but workers would not let him go. They saw in him a new hope and light. . A struggle for life and existence was going on in the village between the workers and the mill-owner. The mill was threatened to be closed down. Violnece was in the air. Ajit intervened to avert the crisis. With sheer hard work and honest labour, the mill started working again Anupama was highly impressed by the courage and valur of this young stranger. She threw her lot with Ajit and the workers. The grand father was infuriated. He and his henchmen considred if their personel defeat. The police was already on his track. Ajits sister arrived in the village further heightening the suspicions about him. Whether Ajit was spotted out as the Jail breaker whether to arrest him or not to arrest him was a big poser for the Police. Ajit was already the darling of the workers. The grand father and his henchmen conspired to avenge their defeat and blow-up the mill. The mill however, must be saved. The villians to be put on the fence. "

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