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Ringa Ringa ( 2010 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " The film revolves around a Goa Politician with criminal background- Rangrao( Ajinkya Deo) , who aspires to become the chief minister of that state. It is only with the timely disclosure of his deeds to the party president by his honest security officer Siddharth ( Bharat Jadhav) that he is almost on the verge of getting exposed. But, like a shrewd politician he tries to blackmail the party president and sends his goons after his security officer who flees with all the evidences. But, before being shot by the sharp shooter of Rangrao( Santosh Juvekar) Siddharth informs his wife ( Sonali Kulkarni) about the place where he has hidden the evidence. Sonali, after realizing the danger from Rangrao and his deputy( Ankush Choudhary) plays a cat and mouse game, bringing a twist into film's screenplay. The suspense is well kept and the film moves with required pace to offer an action packed thriller. "

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