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Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja ( 1993 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Ramesh and Simmi, two children meet in an orphanage and become friends. They were oblivious of the fact, that one man � Jagmohanlal Jugran, had killed both their fathers. Unfortunately for Simmi and Ramesh, their friendship was short lived as circumstances drift them apart. Simmi grows up to be the ravishing �Roop Ki Rani� (Sridevi). Seema and her only ambition in life is to hunt down her father�s killers.Meanwhile Ramesh grows up to be Romeo (Anil Kapoor), the smartest safe-cracker, �Choron Ka Raja� who finds his match in Inspector Ravi Verma, who is none other than Romeo's long lost elder brother. Suddenly one day Seema happens to meet Jugran, who offers her the biggest deal of her life that he would reveal to her the name of her fathers killer if she can lure Romeo to perform the deadliest diamond theft to ever take place. A desperate Seema tries to seduce and even threaten Romeo to work for Jugran, not knowing that Jugran himself is the person she is hunting for. Romeo refuses to take up the job until Seema explodes in violent fit of emotions to reveal her horrifying past. A shocked Romeo finds little Simmi and Seema finds her Ramesh who she had been searching all her life. Two long friends unite.

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