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Rupban Kanya ( 1992 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Rupban Kanya was released in the year 1992 starring Mita Chatterjee, Kalyani Mondal, Sangamitra Banerjeebiswajit, Anup Kumar, Anil Chatterjee & others. The Bengali film music directed by Sujoy and Shyam. The story is as The Shehensha was worried because of two reasons. First, his people were not happy as there was drought and famine in the country and second, years had passed by but his begum was not blessed with any child. The Shehensha decided to roam around his land till the time he would get a resolution to his problems. One day he finds a sanyasi who blesses him saying he will be blessed with a baby boy very soon. However if he is to be kept alive, then he needs to be married when he is 12 days old to a girl of 12 years after which they needs to be kept in exile for another 12 years. The pleased Shehensha returns home and indeed is blessed with a child soon. He is named Rahim. As per the sanyasi's instructions, the Shehensha gets his son married to his diwan's pretty young girl named Roopban. As per the instruction, the Shehensha gives all responsibilities of Rahim to Roopban and sends them to the forest. Roopban faces extreme difficulties while raising Rahim. With the help of an outcast and an old widow, young Rahim starts growing up in the forests and starts going to school. After 12 years of exile, Rahim & Roopban are brought back to the kingdom as the prince and the princess. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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