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Sagar Kinare ( 1985 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Sagar Kinare on 1985 Bengali film starring Rituparna Sengupta, Debasree Roy Firdous Ahmed, Samrat Banerjee The Bengali Film Is Directed By Susanta Saha, Rupam Sharma scored the music in this Film. The story is as The ups and downs of the movie Sagar Kinare happens mostly on the seaside in the place where music and love plays together. Sagar and Rajat were classmates and to satisfy his friend Rajat, Sagar gives his 80 acre land in lease. This is the backdrop of the story. But upon spreading the word of the marriage proposal for Deep (Firdous Ahmed) Rajat's son and Payal (Rituparna Sengupta) Sagar and Rajat's dark ego comes in front. They are parted but after growing up Deep and Payal find their way themselves. Rajat, a pilot by profession, died of a plane crash. Falling in their matured state Deep and Payal happen to melt into each other's arms and falls in love. But their love story turns to a misunderstanding when Mousumi Goswami (Debashree Roy) and Akash (Samrat Banerjee), two famous singers, come to perform at Swapnapur, the place where all these characters live. Mousumi Goswami falls in love with Deep and takes him to Mumbai to make him a singer. Deep himself a talented actor soars to great heights there and this ignities jealousy in Akash who was already in love with Mousumi. Gradually Deep becomes famous and leaves behind his rival Akash. On the other hand now this long absence of Deep makes Rituprana a believe that Deep has left her. Deep marries Payal in due course, despite all the misunderstanding. Hearing this news from Deep Mousumi understands her position and at last finds Akash. In the meantime the jealous Akash conspired with the followers of Sagar and plans to kill Deep. But at last he does not do so, instead he combats with the hooligans hand in hand with Deep. These two couples in the long run find their place. The antagonist Sagar Dutta understands his failure and the sea becomes the stage for one and all rejoining in this sweet comedy. Visit us at "

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