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Sainik: The Love Story of a Soldier ( 2004 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Surya [Yogeshwar] is a soldier and fights for the Nation at the border. His mother has finalized a girl named Gauri [Sakhi Shivananda] for his marriage. But as the story progresses, Gauri���s father insists on the fact that its not safe to marry a soldier. Inspite of her father���s opposition, Gauri tied a knot with Surya as she is in love with him. The very next day, war begins and all the soldiers are called to attend to their respective duties. Surya leaves his newly wedded wife and old mother for the sake of the Nation. Surya loses his life in the war. Gauri���s father wishes to re-marry her, but she refused by saying that she would feel proud to live as a widow of a soldier. Also, She is confident that her husband is still alive because she has not received his dead body yet."

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