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sajan haiye sambhare ( 1999 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Sajan haiye sambhare This is the story of love and sacrifice. Amar had lost his father in the childhood, as his father sacrificed himself while saving the life of Thakor's son Ajay. Thakor and Thakrana do the parenting of Amar as equal as their own son Ajya. Both the boys grow together have great bondage of friendship and brotherhoodness. They also have good rapport with their childhood friend Tejal. As the time passes all three friends grownup and becomes mature. Amar and Tejal love each other.But they have not shared their feelings to each other. There, Ajay too loves Tejal. And surprisingly, Rupal the friend of Tejal loves Ajay. It will be interesting to see how Amar and Tejal unite and how Ajay and Rupal turn to be real lovers. Watch this emotional movie of love and sacrifice.... Sajan haiye sambhare "

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