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sajan vina suno sansar ( 2005 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Sajan VIna Suno Sansaar It is the most popular Guajarati saying that Jar, Jamin ane Joru trane Kajiyana bheru...means all the disputes on this earth happens due to jewelry, land and woman. In any case woman is blamed for all the wrong happens in one life. From the thousands of yeas woman is tortured and suppressed. She has been exploited every now and then. She has been made suffer at the highest level and she has been forced to give away all her wealth and property. This makes woman mere a story of any nook and corner. But in the movie ""Sajan Vina Suno Sansar"" our Guajarati woman fights till death for her husband's property and his legal heirs. Today's woman is helpless and fearful, that is why she tries to end her life with suicide. When in the society people burn woman, our heroine fights back for justice. One can see the great courage, strength and self-confidence of a woman in the movie-Sajan VIna Suno Sansaar. "

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