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Sajanva Saath Nibhaiya ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Ravi and Radha are childhood friends.Ravi's uncle and aunty used to teat him like his own son and take care of him.Ravi used to love Radha onesided.for futher studies he had to go to village.Ravi couldn't forget Radha Ravi completes his education and goes back to the village thinking that he will confess his love for Radha and marry her.After coming to the village he comes to know that Radha is at her aunt's(bua) place.Ravi""s curiousness increases.Radha meets Kisan at her aunt's place.Kisan plays flute very nicely.Kisan stays with his mother-father ad his younger brother Prem.Radha ad Kisan meet each other and both start loving each other.Ravi comes to know about this.But he cannot confess his love to Radha.After few days Radha gets married to Kisan.Radha's in-laws treated her as godess Laxmi.Kisan gets ready to leave for the city.then Radha stops him by saying that today shs is fasting for karvachoth.Kisan tells her that he will return from the city soon in the evening.In the evening Radha decorates the karvachoth plate and waits for Kisan.But Kisan does not come.Becauce on the way some men were fighting wih his brother,Kisan goes to save him. They fight a lot.At the end Kisan saves his brother but the men kill Kisan and throw him in the river.Radha is still wating for him.Kisan doesnot comme but his brother comes with the news.Kisans mom dad and the people from the village go to search Kisan where the incident happened.After investigating for a long time they don't get anything.Police declares that Kisan is dead.Kisan's mom dad and the villagers who thought Radha was godess Laxmi now think that she is kulaxni.Kisan's mon dads way of thinking is changed.Radha is still not ready to believe that Kisan is no more in this world.Noe also she wears colourful clothes and does not considers herself as a widow,this thing pleases no one.the entire village thinks that radha is societies enemy and people keep taunting her.Radha's gets the most amount of sadness when the minister and saint of the villge pressurize Radha and forcefully break her bangles and make her widow.Kisan's mom dads bad deeds on Radha had increased. All this things Radha's aunt tells her mom dad.Radha's dad takes Radha with him to his house.kisan's mom dad break all the relations with Radha.There Kisan by flowing reaches to the area of tribes,where Ganga sees him and takes him with her.Ganga was 22 years sweet and beautiful girl.In her house ,his dad was a doctor.medicines of the doctor and because Ganga's service Kisan becomes alright.But he doesn't remember anything. He becomes a little irritating and speaks less. Radha's mom dad is very sad seeing Radha.They are thinking of Radha's re-marriage. They fix Radha's marriage with a 40 year old man. When Ravi comes to know about this so he goes against the wedding. After too much talking --listening Radha's aunt challenges Ravi to marry her.Ravi agrees to marry Radha.Ravi's uncle is against this wedding.Ravi's aunt is with him. At the end Ravi and Radha's marriages preparation start. There the minister son and his friends take Ganga to a house and do bad things with her. Then Kisan comes and goes against them and fights with everyone. After some incidents Kisan recollects his memories. He goes to his house with Ganga and the doctor. Everyone is shocked seeing Kisan. coincidently the day when Kisan comes that day only Radha and Ravi were getting married. This thing Kisan's mom dad tell Kisan.From here the story's main thing begins just when Radha and Ravi get up to take pheras Kisan comes and calls Radha.Radha doesn't seem to understand what should she do. After a lot of incidents story gets a happy ending. "

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