Synopsis: " Shoban Babu works as Bus conductor He slaps Rajendra prasad for mis behaving with passengers.In the mean while Kaikala Satyanaryana along with her daughter jayprada will be having breakfast at the same time Nuthan parsed comes to meet satyanaryana regarding office works and plans to fix his son's marriage with jayprada .Soon after this she leaves to collage with her friends in the mid way car gives trouble so she will be waiting for help seeing her company bus she stops it and gets into it and speaks rudely to shoban babu.shoban babu's sister will be suffering with a disease he wants money for her treatment. one fine day he goes to the bank their he finds strangers robbing the bank catches them and give back the money to bank seeing this Rao goal appreciates shoban babu and ask him for a favor. He tells him to cheat jayprada as if he loves her so that he can take revenge on satyanaryana for what he did in the past he explains everything to him. Later shoban babu agrees to do because even he wants take revenge on him which we can see in the movie. The whole Story revolves around Rao Gopal ,satyanaryana and shoban babu how they unite together?? And how he marries jayprada? And send nuthan prasad behind the bars. "

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