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Sangeet ( 1992 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Sethuram(Jackie Shroff) along with his uncle Dholamal and brother Kashiram come to Bomabay to try their luck. While in Bomabay Sethuram meets Nirmala(Madhuri Dixit) who is also in love with music. Nirmala's only hope is music. She invites Sethuram to her house to sing before some guests. Everybody likes his music but all that glitters is not gold. Sethuram soon realizes that few people are listening to his song and music. People really want to see Sangeeta in her scantily clad dress. Sethuram is unable to bear this wants to take her from this atmosphere he escorts her to Nirmala's house. Nirmala who is also good dancer gets ready to teach Sangeeta to dance. Nirmala wishes to see Seturam and Sangeeta on top not only in India but also abroad. Shanta (Aruna Irani) cannot bear this as she only knows that in reality Sangeeta is Nirmala's daughter. Unable to keep this secret Shanta tells her the truth about her daughter.

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