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Sankarabharanam ( 1979 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Watch full length Telugu movie Sankarabharanam. Considered to be one of the best films ever made in Telugu, 'Sankarabharanam' revolves around Sankara Sastry (Somayajulu) who has devoted his heart and soul (naadopasana) to divine music (sangeet). At the height of popularity, he happens to meet Tulsi (Manju Bhargavi), a refined dancer who is deeply interested in learning classical art. Impressed by Sankara Sastry's mastery over 'sangeet', Tulsi decides to devote her entire life to learn and practice under his guidance. However, it is easier said than done. Tulsi belongs to a backward caste and the caste-ridden Indian society will not allow Sastry to accept her as his pupil. As a result, Tulsi leaves Sastry's home, only to come back after several years - this time with her son. In the intermittent period, Indian classical music scene has undergone a sea change and classical musicians now find it extremely difficult to earn their daily bread. Tulsi's son Sankaram introduces himself as an orphan and finds a place in Sastry's house to learn 'sangeet'. From hereon, the story moves towards an emotional and thought provoking climax. "

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