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Sant Eknath ( 2006 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Eknath was a prominent Marathi religious poet and a saint in the Hindu tradition in 16th century India. Eknath was born in to a Deshastha Brahmin family and lived most of his life in Paithan in Maharashtra, India. Saint Eknath is believed to be the first person in middle-age Maharashtra who abolished the concept of untouchability by his actions. He behaved very politely and gently with untouchable people. His well described poems advocate compassion and equal treatment among all living beings. His work towards the untouchables deeply angered the Brahmin community. His inspiration to fight untouchability was the teachings of Lord Krishna. This film showcases the life of the great sage of India whose teaching summarized to purity of thought, speech and practices.Sant Eknath tells our body is a sacred place and God dwells within us. Therefore our journey or pilgrimage should be within us. "

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