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Sarai Veerraju ( 2009 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Saarai Veerraju movie is based on the novel 'Aaru Saarai Kathalu' by Raavi Sastri. In this movie Ajay's characterization mixed with different shades like brave, sarcasm, comedy and sensitiveness. Ajay Stars as Veerraju, Who's saving money to go to Dubai. He almost loses his life trying to save his girl and ends up making new enemies. In his journey to Dubai, he bumps into preeti (Madhulika) an air hostess and is seemingly attracted to her, Veerraju's Mission in Dubai is to kill a big shot named Vishnu and before he kills him he asks him if he remembers Narsipatnam and Dhanalakshmi (Ramya). What happened in Narsipatnam? Who is Dhana Lakshmi? Does Veerraju stop killing Vishnu? That forms rest of the story. "

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