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Sarfarosh -e-Hind ( 1999 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " 55 years after attaining independence from the British, India still continues to struggle against issues such as crime, poverty, malnourishment, and corruption. A honest businessman Ranjit Singh, who is forced to bribe the State Chief Minister, Bandrekar, and a Pakistani ISI Agent, Ansari, so that he can open an arms factory; Megha, a press reporter, who witnesses the death of 3 terrorists at the hands of Raj, the son of the Chief Minister; D.C.P. Arun Bedi, who at one time was known as the Sarfaresh-E-Hind, is now a mere tool in the hands of his politically-motivated superiors and politicians; Ranjit's son, Amar, who is a college student, gets killed by terrorists; Pappu, the Chief Minister's married son, carries on with a number of prostitutes in his residence; and a crippled soldier sings and bemoans the regression everywhere. Amidst this background, Raj recalls that his father had killed his mother during his childhood, and has him arrested - knowing fully well that his father is a man who had not hesitated to kill his wife, will not surely spare him. The question remains: Will the authorities be able to protect the son against the father? And who will even attempt to stop Ansari from inflicting sectarian and religious violence? "

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