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Saroja ( 2008 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Saroja is a kidnap drama. Industrialist Vishwanth's daughter Saroja (Vega) is kidnapped by unknown group and the ransom is 10 Crores. Police Commissioner Ravi (Srihari) tries to catch the kidnapper. On the other hand, a group of four friends in Chennai - Ramaswamy (Vaibhav), Rangaswamy (SP Charan), Ganesh (Premji) and Ajay (Siva) leave for Hyderabad to watch Indo Pak Cricket match. But a tanker is collided on the highway, so they take short cut to Hyd through a forest and enter the den of the gang that kidnapped Saroja. How they rescue the girl and who really kidnaps her is told at the end in thrilling climax. "

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