Synopsis: " Sasirekha (Genelia) is a stubborn and short tempered girl but very innocent and kind hearted. She is brought to Amalapuram for her own marriage even she is not aware of and she decides to escape since she cannot say no to her aggressive father Babu Rao (Ahuti Prasad).In her escape, she comes across Anand (Tarun) and soon both of them embark on a journey from Rajahmundry to Vijayawada trying to escape from the eyes of Babu Rao's men and also various other elements. In this process, Anand keeps helping Sasi at every nook and corner and they have their own share of fights and laughter. Soon the attachment grows and the fondness also increases between them. However, there is one thing that Anand does not tell Sasi throughout their journey since he is scared of the outcome.What is the truth? Does Sasirekha get married finally? All this forms the rest of the story. "

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