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Seema ( 1955 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Seema is a 1955 Hindi film directed by Amiya Chakraborty. After her parents pass away, teenager Gauri goes to live with her paternal uncle, Kashinath. She is ill-treated there. She is also asked to work as a servant for meager wages in another household. One day, Kashinath is summoned to the Police Station where he is told that since Gauri has been convicted of stealing a necklace from her employer, she is placed under his care for 12 months. She escaped from Kashinaths house, and beats up Bankelal, who had originally accused her of stealing the necklace. The Police are summoned again, and this time Gauri is placed with Shree Satyanand Anarthalaya, an orphanage run by a compassionate Manager, Ashok. Then one day she escapes, beats up Bankelal severely, and returns back. She is once again placed in solitary. Then Ashok inform the Police, who make Bankelal confess. In this way, Gauri gets a pardon, and is asked to leave the orphanage, but she refuses to do so and stays on after promising that she will always obey Ashok. When Ashok has a heart attack, she proposes to stay and look after him, but Ashok wants her to leave and get married to Murlidhar."

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