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Seethakoka Chilaka ( 1981 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Poornodaya Movies had created a very sensible, sensitive and clean love story in the form of Seethakoka Chilaka.In this movie Raghu (Karthik) is a naughty village guy who thinks that all the guys of his villlage are very great. They all roam around in the village teasing girls. One day Karuna (Aruna) enters the village. Raghu and his friends also does mischeif with her but when they come to know that Karuna is David (Sharath Babu)'s sister they all get afraid of her. Raghu's mother is a classical music teacher. Karuna wants to learn classical singing hence she goes to Raghu's house. Slowly Raghu and Karuna falls in love with each other. When Raghu's mother comes to know about their love she warns Raghu about the difference between him and Karuna. Karuna belongs to a Christain communbity whereas Raghu is pure hindu. Moreover Karuna's brother David is a heartless person who may even kill Raghu for loving Karuna. But Raghu and Karuna explore their love even when the whole villagers are against them. They leave the village are fly off to their lovely world as like that of butterflies, hence the title Seethakoka Chilaka. "

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