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Sevanti Sevanti ( 2006 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Sevanthi has a liking towards Devu because he is a melodious singer and has good manners. Devu mistake this for love and moving closely with Sevanthi confirms him that she is also in love with him. But the shock is when Sevanthi marriage is announced to some one else. Devu who has the nature of getting what he wants creates an inconvenient situation for everyone by tying the Mangalasutra around the neck of Sevanthi when she is fast asleep on the night before her wedding. The disturbance and commotion in the marriage hall further boils up when the bridegroom gets a strange call that says he is the lover of Sevanthi. Now the lock has to be cleared. What Sevanthi up to how Devu always with her react to it is the interesting point.Sevanthi is planning to kill the intruder on that night when she was fast asleep and Devu wants to come to close with the loving songs and divert her attention to him. Devu knows that Sevanthi wants to finish off that undisclosed person that is nothing but Devu. In reels there are emotions in Sevanthi and Devu family. Devu decides to go back to Nanjangud to study further and on the other hand Sevanthi visit to Devu's house in his absence confirm her that it is Devu who is responsible for all trauma she has faced. On a wall Devu painting of Sevanthi and the nose ring and Bindi of Sevanthi tucked to it brings her charged emotion as well as anger.

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